Travel Project


Travel Awareness; The Future of Travel.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”. – St Augustine.

The importance of travel is underestimated by some nowadays; we can jump on a plane and be on the other side of the earth by the next day. For many it is no longer a learning experience, but just a means to get a tan or say that you have been there. Travelling can be a learning experience, whether broadening your mind or learning about other cultures. This project attempts to provide an insight into the world of travel for the younger generation. I investigated whether my target audience researched their chosen destinations before travelling and the results were a significantly low number of 12%. This prompted the idea to provide a service to help assist anyone on their travels, where to go, what to do and how to make the most out of it. Another major part of the project has been to try and educate my target audience during and before travelling. From primary research I also found that 80% felt an updated approach to the traditional methods of travel documentation would be beneficial. The most recommended form of advancement was in the form of an app. The potential of an app can allow the user to upload and docum­ent their travels using technology; making it possible to share their experiences with other travellers online. This is the future of travel.

Brand Identity;

To start off,  the development of the ‘brand’ was important for the overall project. To make sure i keep everything consistent i had to get the brand identity perfect before moving on to create the product. In my visual proposal, i used the colours salmon and turquoise, this was to make sure they worked well together and as they did, i brought them forward to use for the final project, i think they compliment each other great. The development of the name and logo came first, the name being Explore, as its travel related and my whole idea is about getting people to ‘explore’ the world. The logo is an x of my own made typeface that represents the map symbol, ‘x marks the spot’, and also in initial drawings, looks like a plane.


To bring the brand identity together, i created a set of business cards, a rationale about the project on a possible letterhead and other promotional pieces.


To go with the brand, three typefaces where used throughout the whole project, including a display font, a header font and one for general use. To appeal to my target audience, 16-35, i researched into current trends within design and used geometric shapes and a combination of bespoke and contemporary typefaces.

Hand in Sheets;

For hand in, i printed out 1 A3 sheet with my brand identity on, a second with my travel trivia cards outcomes on, a third sheet which contains my small pocket book, cover and a few inside pages, and finally a fourth which showed my 300 page guide book, cover and some inside pages.

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100 Poster Designs;

Whenever i see travel posters or advertisements in my research, it was all the same, and i needed an edge to appeal to the younger generation. So i decided to do all of the 100 chosen destinations which appeared in my primary research as posters using my typeface and pictures with an edge. I designed all of the country posters in black and white and then the city posters with a spot colour, each continent had their own spot colour.

North American Countries.

North American Cities

South American Countries

South American Cities

Australian Countries

Australian Cities

African Countries

African Cities

Asian Countries

Asian Cities

European Countries

European Cities

The Ultimate 100 Guide Book;

Created was a 300 page book, with the top 100 destinations, including things to do in each destination, and top facts about each place. It also had a rank of where the destination came within the 100, and also a a key of which animals are most commonly found in each country.

The Essential Pocket Guide;

Created was a 100 page pocket book, with top travel tips and lists, also the top 10 Countries and Cities countdown.

These are the two links to my blurb books, which are printed and handed in.


Travel Trivia;

Created was a pack of 50 cards, all with country questions and answers on, also with a how to play card, and a card with the websites QR code.