DNA Clothing Brand










My name came from the idea of human branding. I wanted to portray the idea of a brand that the human race made in the revolution so that others could join. The slogan being…’They can take our identity but they can’t take our dna’.

I didn’t just want dna to stand for the standard name, i wanted to make it cleverer than that. So i brainstormed some ideas to fit and came up with ‘direct national attack’. I wanted the logo to be simple, as with my whole project i wanted to stick to the simplicity, less is more. Also by making it look quite corporate at the same time.


After playing around with many different ideas, i decided to chose the ones below.


I wanted it to not just be a standard swing tag, i wanted to have an element that is unique. I wanted to keep to the black and white corporate theme. For the main part of the swing tag, will be a sticker of my logo, so everybody can spread the word. Then this is attached to the label with the information on.


As i have four different themes, as a collectable item, in my research it showed 65% of people who are upkeeping with fashion keep and collect unique tags, so i thought for each theme i would have a different peice of artwork to collect. This is underneath the main tag.






As a humourous twist to my packaging i thought of the idea of selling my tshirts like a branded human being. With basic packaging, keeping to the limited means subject and also all of my pots were either empty food containers or containers from the pound shop.




My first chosen theme is russian constructivism. Although Dystopian is my main theme, i kept this consistent throughout. I did two pairs of similar designs for each idea

RCdesign3        RCdesign4

My mixed cultural reference with russian constructivism is vintage style. I have used a old side of a playing card and cropped it to fit the background of my designs. A consistent image reference throughout is the fist which represents the revolution. The human being revolution then became my main aspect to portray throughout all my themes and my whole project.

RCdesign2       RCdesign1

I mixed aztec references with this pair of designs, it works because they are both very different, however i feel like i have done a good job making them work together.

RCdesign9       RCdesign10

As i feel like my typography needs to develop, i decided to do a pair of designs focusing purely on type. Still obviously sticking to the soviet propaganda style.

RCdesign6       RCdesign5

My personal favourites, one from the good side’s point of view and the other from the bad. The typography of ‘I WANT YOU’ and ‘GOVERNMENT’ was made specifically for these posters.


Rock n roll and chinese, although completely opposites, i took a risk as i thought they might clash and not work, however by keeping with the imagery of rock n roll and the type of chinese i feel it worked perfectly.

RRdesign2       RRdesign1

By taking the approach in a different way rather than just the standard modern rock n roll, as in an apocalypse there would be limited means of ways of life. When thinking in terms of rock n roll i look back at older technology for example cassettes and vinyl records.

RRdesign3    Untitled-1

Too involve the chinese theme and by adding a bit more interesting detail to make them look more rock n roll like, i added some chinese lettering. The reason behind the broken records is the fact that the hierarchy always say the same thing, like a broken record and the revolution is there to break it.

RRdesign4   RRdesign5

As ‘Superdry’ is an super icon in latest fashion i decided to do part appropriation for this. Still up keeping with the dystopian and chinese theme.

RRdesign6      RRdesign7


When researching rock n roll, rolling stones is an obvious icon. Perhaps not aimed at the female market but the lips where an aspect of appropriation from the famous rolling stones lips. Also by adding in a grungy feel with the standard consistency of the themes ‘dystopian’ and ‘chinese’.


I chose these themes because like the human race, we are all different however the hierarchy look at us middl class like we are a bunch of freaks at a circus. Steampunk, because the cogs and gears associated with the theme i have used to describe human beings. For example a quote i have used is ‘we are all just cogs in this messed up corporate machine’. Which i find perfectly fitting for my project.

SPdesign1        SPdesign2

As a whole, i wanted a main t shirt which would be the sort of, centre of attention, summing up what the brand is about. When doing the typography t shirts for steampunk, i came up with the idea of the ‘human being’ being treated just like a piece of meat. no name, just a controllable source. By using steampunk font and the same look as a can of heinz beinz when you see this t shirt design you may or may not, think of food. In my video this will be a main t shirt and overall for the project to promote my brand. Also as the project is about the human race being branded, this was a perfect design and will fit well into my project.


The octopus tentacles refers to the hierarchy’s sly ways, with hands everywhere playing ‘mind tricks’ with everything (referring to the playing cards). The clock and compass also refer to steampunk culture.

SPdesign6        SPdesign5

Keeping with elements of steampunk i thought of a skeleton key and a clock hand. Keeping the dystopian idea of messing with time, and locking things away.

SPDesign3        SPdesign4

In terms of the ‘typical’ apocalypse zombies, springs to mind, however i took two parts of the human body which are easy to associate, lungs and arms. I then played around with making them look like they are being controlled or programmed.

SPdesign9        SPdesign10

I think these themes together worked well.


 I thought as a good mix of cultural references i could mix Native American and Aztec. As they are similar themes sometimes its hard to differ between the two so i wanted to try and show the difference. Although, keeping the main theme dystopian running throughout.

NAdesign1        Design3 copy

To show my illustrational skills as well as computer based graphics, i appropriated this illustration to make it my own and ended up with these. These show that we can pretend who we are, and hide behind things, however we will always be found.

NAdesign4      NAdesign3

I studied a lot of aztec and made up my own aztec design. Keeping the theme of the human being revolution, i have involved the use of a a headdress as its used in celebrations and ceremony’s.

design1         Design2

I Inserted circuit board chips throughout the antlers so it keeps with the theme.